Milfos International


Milfos International Limited was formed in 1987. With a strong background in precision stainless steel manufacturing the company has diversified into electronics, plastics and mild steel products. With a policy of adopting in-house manufacturing the company can control all aspects of the product life cycle, including research, design, production and delivery. The company employs over 100 staff throughout five operating divisions. It's Head Office is based in Hamilton, New Zealand.

We believe our future success and that of our customers is based on doing things differently. Improving productivity or profit only comes from changing your situation. Embracing new thinking and setting higher goals is exciting; achieving them is liberating.


Significant investment in research and development is undertaken every year. Our design team is constantly developing and improving our products to ensure our customers are buying the most up to date technologies. At Milfos our design teams are vertically integrated which means we can deliver the best end to end solutions across all engineering disciplines.

When you are competing in a marketplace with the world's best milking equipment manufacturers, you need to be bringing better solutions to the table to keep you ahead of the rest. At Milfos we listen carefully to our customers, we have strong alliances with industry partners, we are involved with the scientific community and industry leaders, we do this to ensure we are at the forefront. We deliver innovative solutions to drive your milking performance.


Milfos operate manufacturing divisions involved in production of stainless precision products, mild steel fabrications, electronics and plastics. We are one of the few companies worldwide that produces such a high percentage of its own products in-house. The company uses the latest computerised lathes and milling machines, leading edge injection moulding machines, CNC laser cut and folding machines, electronic PCB assembly including software design. From the initial concept stage right through to production of marketable products, our dynamic team works closely to meet exacting standards and rigorous customer expectations.


Here at Milfos we have an extensive network of sales and support technicians to back up our products. From our team involved with production and logistics to on-site installation engineers both here and around the world, we are committed to delivering you a high level of service and support. Milfos has an in-house training program called MILTECH for staff and dealership development. iCARE, a specialised scheduled maintenance program is available through our network of dealerships, which offer superior service and trouble free operation of your milking system.