AGRECOVERY container collection point at the RSC

We are pleased to announce that the RSC is now set up as a receiving depot for the AGRECOVERY container recycling scheme. We have a 20ft container on site for temporary storage. We are happy to receive clean triple rinsed containers any week day. Phone us or click here to be transferred to the Agrecovery website with further information.

This industry driven scheme is supported by more that 60 suppliers (almost all animal health and agrichemical companies pay a levy on each container sold in NZ) with the plastic collected and recycled in NZ to make cable protector mat. Each time you bring in eligible containers (max size currently 60L) you will get a receipt to show you have disposed of these containers in an environmentally responsible way (better than dumping or burning).

The Agrecovery Logo (above) is on almost many participating products but contact us if in doubt, or check teh Agrecovery website for an up-to-date list.

Rural Service Centre also accepts Eco lab 200l drums (separate from the Agrecovery programme) at no charge and we are working on an option with them for smaller containers and will keep you informed. We are also in discussion with FIL for recycling option for their range.