About us

Golden Bay Vet Club was first formed in 1952 as a farmer initiative to fill the need for a veterinary service in the area. It is still a true co-operative today, with an elected board of directors made up of local farmer members. The vet clinic staff is focused on delivering high quality 24 hour services to all of our customers. We offer a comprehensive range of services at great value for all animals, from dairy cattle, sheep, beef cattle, deer, equine, companion animals and exotics.

We aim to work closely with our member clients to help add value to their business through optimal animal health and production programs. We offer a full range of routine animal health services from treating lame feet to calving cows. We also offer a full range of herd health problem solving programs looking to identify and solve problems as early as possible. For example, herd lameness workups including the healthy hoof program, poor reproductive performance workups including the InCalf program, grade busting, mating programs, mineral checks and mastitis problems.


Our companion animal clinic is a modern and purpose built facility to ensure that we provide a wide range of services and the best possible care for your pet.




We are also pleased to be involved with The Vet Company – a group made up of vet clinics in the top of the South Island which aim to bring you better value through greater buying power. Regular meetings within this group also adds to the ongoing professional development that all our vets continually undertake.