Alex's Calf rearing presentation

Calf Rearing

This presentation is an easy to read & informative look at the basic principles of rearing good quality calves. Calf rearing is one of the most important on-farm investments. Replacement heifers cost the farm system in genetics, feed, time (labour), & animal health, and furthermore the costs put in are not returned for at least 2 years. Well grown heifers are important to the farm by increasing the returns from the heifers as cows in milk. Well grown animals produce more milk and are more likely to get into calf as heifers and then again as cows.

The presentation begins with calves at birth and continues on through to the growing stage at pasture. Some key messages in include the importance of colostrum and early rumen development in neonatal calves, and also the significance of good parasite control and trace element status in the growing stage. I have also included some extra information in the ‘notes section’ underneath the power-point slides for those who want a bit more of an in depth knowledge in this area. Hope you all enjoy this presentation, and feel free to contact me or any of the vets at the RSC Clinic for further information and advice.

Alex Hicks BVSc

Please click the link below to download Alex's presentation.
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