Important Changes to Induction Legislation
Most farmers will have received information regarding changes to induction legislation for this year. The main differences are that;
  • A list of cows ages and ID are provided to the vet before induction can take place
  • A maximum of 4% of the herd can be induced this year
Official Owner/manager responsibilities are copied from the new regulations below:
  • 3.1 The Owner, Manager or Person-in-charge
Leading up to the induction programme
_ Supply for their veterinarian an accurate list of all cows in the herd using MINDA or MAESTRO group profile sheets, or InfoVet records. If no herd testing is carried out then an accurate list should be provided from the farm’s own records.
_ By no later than 60 days before start of induction treatment, agree with their attending veterinarian to the list of potential cows to be induced (Induction List). In establishing this list, consideration needs to be given to the guidelines for cow selection (age, body condition score, and history of disease) and evidence that the cows are at an appropriate stage of gestation to be induced based on pregnancy testing information.
_ Ensure that cows to be treated have ear tags or other means of accurate identification
_ Provide evidence of the total number of cows in the herd at the coming planned start of calving to ensure that the total number of cows on the induction list does not exceed the allowable target.
_ Ensure that there will be adequate feed supply for cows on the induction list to ensure that they will reach the required body condition score by the expected treatment date and to ensure that they will be well-fed during induction and early lactation.
_ Consider the trace element status of the cows to be induced and ensure that supplementation is provided where required
Provide adequate magnesium supplementation leading up the and during the induction programme
_ Develop a plan for post-treatment management of the induced cows
_ Agree in writing with their veterinarian as to the Induction List and the additional requirements for the procedure
Implementation of the induction programme
_ Presentation of cows on the agreed Induction List for the veterinarian
_ Inspect induced cows as calving commences at least once every 8 hours until all cows have calved.
_ Care and management of induced animals according to the previously developed plan for post-treatment management of the cows
_ Strict observance of drug treatment recording protocols and with-holding periods of drugs
_ Ensure that any induced calves born alive are euthanased humanely and immediately after birth, and their bodies disposed of daily in accordance with relevant local territorial authority regulations.
Please Note
  • It is likely that induction protocols will be audited this year.
  • We will not be inducing any cows on farms that have not fully complied with the updated code.
  • We draw particular attention to the requirement for humane destruction of calves